Database WebWorks' eStorePro provides feature-rich, custom e-commerce solutions for all your business needs backed by professional expertise and state-of-the-art technology.


Custom Construction Allows for Custom Features

This major feature distinguishes eStorePro from all of the usual pre-packaged e-commerce solutions. eStorePro it is not a pre-packaged e-commerce product like most offerings. Instead, each site is custom programmed for each client using an e-commerce toolbox to keep costs down. This makes it possible for your site to work the way that you want it to rather than fitting into someone else's pre-existing model. It also makes it possible to add any custom features that you may need.

Custom Professional Site Design and Graphics

A senior designer will work with you to create a design that meets your enthusiastic approval. Your site will be a unique original, no templates!

Easy Web-based Administration

Easily manage and monitor your site operations with any web browser using simple forms. You have direct control over site content, order processing, product maintenance, and so on. You will be self-sufficient in your site maintenance needs.

Secure SSL Shopping Cart

Support for real-time credit card authorization using VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Automatic order confirmations and order status update emails (optional). We will also help you establish a low-fee merchant account with Verisign services.

Real-time Shipping Calculations

Real-time UPS calculations and/or extensive custom shipping calculations based your rules.

On-line Promotions

Create and publish discount certificates with expiration dates. Each certificate can apply to your whole store or be limited to departments within your store. You can promote them on your site, bulk emailers, print advertising, or whatever you like. You can also run multiple promotions concurrently.

In addition, individual products can also be put on sale including start and end dates. Your site can also have an "On Sale" page listing all products currently on sale.

Catalog and Keyword Searching

Your customers will be able to leisurely browse your products by category or jump right to what they need with keyword seaches. We provide full support for multi-level category heirarchies.

Associate Products for Upselling and Cross-selling

You can easily associate products with each other and display them on a product description page for the purpose of upselling and cross-selling. For instance, related accessories can be displayed on a camera's product description page. Related products can also be shown after adding a product to the shopping cart.

In addition, you can designate any products as being "featured." Featured products can be set up to be displayed on your home page and/or viewed on a "What's Hot" type page.

Extensive Reporting and Tracking

There are numerous reports and tracking features to monitor your site and track product and order activities. These include reports to determine the popularity of each of your products in terms of viewings and orders, where you are getting your traffic from, site visitor and page view counts, page popularity, revenue reports and more.

Mailing List

Automated email sign up inserts users directly into your database for marketing and follow-up using our included bulk emailer.

Bulk Emailer

Create newsletters and email personalized messages to customers in your database. Customers can opt-out of mailings by clicking an automated link in your messages.

We can help you identify the opportunities to improve your business with web e-commerce. For further information or to arrange a free consultation for your business, please contact us via email or call (413) 527-5491.

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